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Laser Hair Removal 808nm Diode Laser Beauty Machine PZ606


1) Germany imported laser bar
2) 14*14mm2 spot size
3) 8.0-inch screen 
4) CE

How Does 808 nm Diode Laser Work

How Does 808 nm Diode Laser Work

808 Diode (Semiconductor laser) Laser hair removal machine is a new type high-speed painless hair removal machine on all skin types. 808nm wavelength effectively targets the pigment located in the hair follicle and shaft. The light is absorbed by the pigment in the hair follicle and this energy is converted to heat which results in damage to the hair follicle.The adequate pulse duration, energy density and epidermal cooling ensure an adequate thermal damage to the target tissue without damaging the surrounding tissue to achieve effective hair removal. This damage causes delayed re-growth of hair and, in most cases, permanent destruction of many of the hair follicles. Unlike electrolysis hair removal, which disables one hair follicle at a time, the laser reaches and treats hundreds of follicles at a time.


1) Almost no skin scattering, no harm to the skin and sweat glands, no scar, no side effect.
2) Big spot size 10x20 mm2, up to 10 Hz repetition rate , Max output power 500w ,high effect and quick treatment on big treatment area,Reduce treatment time for original 1/5.
3) Sapphire temperature cool down -5°C can make momentary epidermal anesthesia, no any painless during , increases comfort during treatment.
4) Intelligent 8.0'' touch display screen, easy to operate.
5) Effective for the hair follicles produce heat accumulation.
6) Suitable to all types of hair color and high efficiency. 
7) Permanent hair removal.


1) Widely used for any color hair and any skin type.
2) Removal area: Lip hair, beard, chest hair, armpit hair, back hair, arm hair, leg hair, unwanted hair outside the bikini line.

Before & After Photos:

Diode Laser Hair Removal Before & After Photos

Technical Parameter

light source

Diode laser

laser quantity

10 palladium article

laser hair removal machine wavelength




output energy


machine weight


pulse duration

10-400ms adjustable

pulse frequency


spot size


cooling system

air+Sappire contact cooling laser head

laser cooling temperature

0-5 °C

LCD screen

8.0 inch 24 color multi color touch screen

laser cooling water temperature

20~30 °C

power requirement

AC220V/110V 50-60HZ

Watch the video to learn more about Permanent Laser Hair Removal 808 nm Diode Laser Beauty Machine - PZ606.


Q1.Does it hurt?
A1.The cooling tip has a mild aesthetic property, which allows tender areas to be treated in a relatively painless fashion. You will feel a tingling or stinging sensation during the treatment, but most people tolerate the procedure well. Topical aesthetic is available to increase your comfort, if you choose. Following your treatment, you may experience a sunburn-type sensation in the treated area for several hours.

Q2.How many sessions will I need? 
A2.The average number of visits necessary to see permanent hair reduction is four to six. We recommend six treatments. In fact, it is not uncommon for a person to need seven or more. There are a variety of factors that can influence the total number of treatments any individual may require to achieve the desired results.

Q3.What about blonde / red / grey hair?
A3.The laser energy is attracted to the melanin in your hair. The greater the amount of melanin, the better the results. White or grey hair does not contain any melanin and, therefore, does not respond to treatments.

Q4.How long before I see results?
A4.You will see some results immediately. It takes a week or two for all of the hair in the treated area to fall out. After that, you will experience several weeks of no growth in the treated area. So you’re receiving immediate gratification while you are moving toward your long-term goal.

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